The information listed below is applicable to Buy Here Pay Here deals only. If you are paying cash or if you have your own financing, this information does not apply to you. 


Down payments for BUY HERE PAY HERE - An additional $500 in down payment will be required for each starred item listed below if applicable:

*Residency - Customers who do not have a minimum of 12 months of residence history in SC. If you have recently moved from out of state, this applies to you.

*Income - Customers who cannot provide proof of income, or whose income is less than $325 gross weekly ($650 BiWeekly, $700 Semi Monthly, $1400 Monthly), or you are seeking a vehicle with a payment greater than 20% of your income - Social Security recipients are exempt from these income rules

For example, if both items apply to you, an additional $1000 in down payment would be required.


Pricing for BUY HERE PAY HERE - Advertised prices reflect a discount of $300 for having proof of income greater than $325 weekly or closing a sale with a down payment of $1500 or more. If down payment is less than $1500 AND income is less than $325 Gross weekly, the $300 discount cannot be applied and the price will be $300 more than advertised.